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This Weird Psychological Fact Proves Why You Should Invest in Siding

Siding may seem like the least glamorous aspect of your Owosso home. Siding can be elegant or rustic, but it’s rarely flashy. So it’s only natural that most homeowners wouldn’t give it too much thought. Which is a shame!


Because siding is the single most important home improvement investment you can make.

You probably think I’m kidding. How could siding be the most important home improvement project for the average Owosso homeowner?

But I’m serious.

Year after year, decade after decade, study after study, after homeowners’ association poll confirms what siding contractors already know: siding offers you the best return on your money of any home improvement project you could finance by double-digit margins.

Kitchen remodeling? Often an expensive disaster, and more for you than for prospective home buyers.

Bathroom renovation? Dream on.

Master bedroom addition? The first thing to go.

Swimming pool? More like a sinkhole that you just dumped a year’s salary into.

Siding will return ninety-two percent of what you spent on it.

It’s true. Do some research. We’re not pulling this number out of thin air. The $10,000 you spend on new vinyl siding for your Owosso property will gain you $9,200 in resale value if you sell your home a year later. That’s enough to cover closing costs—and you get beautiful new siding to boot.

But why is the siding on a house so well-valued?

It all comes down to a particularly well-documented human trait: the power of visual first impressions.

Studies in psychology confirm what we all know: the human eye works very quickly to appraise people and situations. Study participants can apparently gauge income level, emotion, trustworthiness, even sexual orientation of a person—all with a quick glance. All that information gets conveyed in under two seconds.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that information is correct. But it does get conveyed, and the brain will stay with that initial instinct until proven otherwise.

The stereotypical image of a haunted house surrounded by blowsy pines, overgrown weeds, and—you guessed it—rotten siding? Yeah, that’s going to create a very clear message for potential home buyers: avoid this place. Danger!

Science has only confirmed what human cultures have known for generations: we judge books by their covers.

When you upgrade the siding on a house, you give the house a facelift. The siding is almost invariably the first thing anyone will see when they pull up to a home. That’s the very definition of what real estate agents mean when they talk about curb appeal.

When you want to put your best foot forward and create lasting positive impressions on real estate appraisers, potential buyers, and home valuators for equity-backed lines of credit, upgrade your siding. It’s the fastest, least invasive and most effective way to add value to your home.

When you do, call Schurr-Built Construction for all your siding needs in Owosso. Call us today for a free estimate!